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Who We Are

Leaders in the Industry

We find passion in providing exceptional work on all our projects to make it a success and deliver exactly what the client envisioned. We realize that remodeling by its very nature is stressful and invasive and we are constantly looking to minimize any stress or inconvenience for our clients.

We want to keep our clients happy, stress-free, and informed during the whole project and provide exceptional results.

Locally Owned & Operated

We strive to keep our clients happy, stress-free, and informed throughout their build. Clear communication is paramount.

A Marin Family For Over 100 Years

Uprooting to Marin County in 1915, the Dotto family decided to expand their construction legacy and it is no surprise the family passion remains strong today. The persistent Roy Dotto began Dotto Glass in 1964 with the mindset of providing superior service to his community. As the family business and name grew over the years, “Dotto” became a well-known, household name within Marin County. The values for reputable service and attention to detail continue to be upheld in the Dotto Construction Company today.

Continuing the Legacy - 2016

With ambition and a contractor’s license, Dominic Dotto set out in his ’98 Chevy to get his legs running. Establishing the Dotto Construction Company in 2016 and becoming the 4th generation of Dotto’s to provide exceptional service to the Marin community.

Dominic Dotto brings a multitude of vast construction experiences to all aspects and all phases within the construction industry. Over the years of practicing his trade, Dominic has expanded his knowledge and experience with residential and commercial projects. Through these developments and remodels, he has been able to excel in his performance and build rapport with reputable clients and thus, has propelled the company into what it is today.

Dotto Construction Company upholds a high standard for structure, organization, preparation, and the value of client and architect relationships. Dominic’s experience in high-end and pristine custom home building is accomplished through methodical attention to detail. Working alongside some of the most experienced leaders in the construction industry of Marin, Dotto has implemented these practices into his company.

Building the Future with You

We begin with the focus on our clients. Setting the expectation and providing exceptional respect and transparency is what drives us. We go the extra mile to create the highly endeared client-contractor working relationship. To us, it’s about those utmost minuscule ideals of perfection that we deliver to you, to create your dream remodel, home, or project.

Committed to Our Clients Vision

We build lasting relationshipS


We ensure proper equipment and techniques on all our job sites while also conduct weekly safety meetings


We pride ourselves on quality control throughout various levels of management to properly ensure each project meets our quality guidelines 


We provide experience on all levels in the field and in the office to properly run your project from all angles

Interested in Joining Our Team?

    We take our client’s privacy seriously. Any images or information related to our engagements is released only with the approval of our clientele. For more information regarding our services, please contact us directly.

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