Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Size: 5,300 SF

We are excited to share with you all one of our most modernized projects!

Dotto Construction Co. is currently re-building a home for a family in Santa Rosa due to the loss of their home during the devastating 2017 Tubbs Fire.

This custom 5,300 sqft, Net Zero home exceeds the title 24 requirements. Within the home starts with the extensive insulation R-value, radiant heating and cooling in the floors as well as incorporated Massana heating and cooling panels throughout the ceilings. To also minimize heating and cooling demands, we have incorporated an HRV system that will in term recirculate the residual heated and/or cooled air throughout the home. Air tight and water resistance, this home also features a fluid applied air and water membrane containing intense sealant methods to enhance protection on all exterior windows and doors. We strive to focus on a healthier living environment by straying away from traditional, forced heating and cooling home systems. This allows for the removal of allergens and pollution that would typically be present within the living space. Lastly, each window has been strategically placed throughout the home to optimize natural light.

These unique, methodical design techniques have been perfectly strategized by Architect Alex Spatzier.

We will be sharing photos along the way and are extremely excited to provide a place that can soon be called “Home” once again.

Enjoy the slideshow below. Click any photo to enlarge.