We find passion in providing exceptional work on all our projects to make it a success and deliver exactly what the client envisioned. We realize that remodeling by its very nature is stressful and invasive and we are constantly looking to minimize any stress or inconvience for our clients. We want to keep our clients happy, stress-free, and informed during the whole project and provide exceptional results.

The Dotto Dynamic

Dynamic 1 – Project Evaluation

This is the starting point that outlines everything we and the client want to accomplish. If you plan to work alongside the expertiese of an architect and/or a designer, we will gradually integrate your ideas with their professional knowledge as well as provide you with the cost analysis, timeframe, regulation requirements (i.e. permits, plans, etc), and reality all are associated with the project. If the project aligns with your goals, we then structure the estimate/bid. Once approved, we execute a contract and then we are ready to begin! 

Dynamic 2 – Project Execution

Throughout the process, our skilled team manages the work flow, safety precautions, and design tactics as well as oversees all subcontractors that may be required on the project. During this stage we implement weekly meetings with the client, provide an entire project schedule, along with a bi-weekly look ahead schedule. We work hard to keep you in the loop with the progress while also being very transparent at all times. If an issues arrises we will present a solution and keep moving in the most effective and strategic way that is always pre-approved by our clients first. If at any time you have additional questions, our office staff and project managers are glad to help out.

Dynamic 3 – Project Finalization  

One of our core values is client relations, the project is not completed until our client is completley satatified with the work. We thrive on providing exceptional service throughout and even after the project is completed with follow up visits or communication on any questions that may arrise. Depending the project size and scale, close out packets are provided, this includes final unconditionals from all subcontractors, as well as manuels on all products installed. Lastly, we pride oursleves on creating lasting relationships with all our clients that continue long past the completion of a project.

If this is the dynamic you want for your next home renovation, we would love to help! We cannot wait to meet you and be a part of your dream porject. Click here to book a free consultation with us to learn more.